The Couple and Family Therapy Center
“Individuals can be healthier, relationships can be strengthened, family bonds can be stronger, and we can be nourished by our secure attachments with those we hold most dear. This is accomplished with tools that increase our authenticity and more clearly express our needs. Creating secure and healthy connections with those who matter the most can help us feel better and help heal our relationships.”
The Couple and Family Therapy Center

The Couple and Family Therapy Center provides mental health therapy and education for distressed couples, families, and individuals in order to restore a sense of well being, create healthy relationships, and build strong bonds between all family members.  

The Center helps partners, families, and individuals create better communication, achieve and experience emotional clarity, and to increase the trust, security, and comfort within couple and family interactions.

In relationships struggling with tension, conflict, and fear, the center helps reduce these qualities and find mutual validation, shared understanding, and heart-felt empathy.

The Center gives couples and families the skills and tools necessary to create ongoing, lasting improvements at home, with those who matter most.